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Creating Your Profile
"Excellent way to tap into projects in development and connect with potential crew"

Fleur Whitlock

Art Director
(10,000 BC, The Libertine)
"It’s the best platform for packaging up projects with talent and investors, backed by next-generation analysis."

John C. Hall

(Former EVP at Universal Pictures)

Creating Your Profile

Creating a profile on Slated is free and fast. Once you've completed your profile and activated your interests, our sophisticated Opportunity Matching system will help you make connections with projects that are looking for someone like you.


Create an account

Creating a new account is free and takes less than 30 seconds. Since Slated is a professional network, we ask that you use your real name. You'll need to confirm your email address in order to activate your account.


Add your credits

Your credits are used to calculate your personal Slated score,  which is a key component of our Opportunity Matching system.  During the onboarding process, we'll attempt to automatically populate your credits based on your name, and you can add other projects manually.


Activate your interests

Once you're ready to start matching with projects, the next step is to create and activate your interests. This allows your profile to be visible in our Opportunity Matching system so you can start making connections with projects.


Match & message with projects

This is where the magic happens. Now that your interests are active you can start browsing matches and sending interest to projects. You'll also start receiving inbound interest from projects that are interested in you.

Opportunity Matching

Our advanced opportunity matching system connects the right people to the right projects and helps make attachments based on experience and interests.

Frequently asked questions

Can anyone join Slated?

Yes, anyone working in or looking to be a part of the entertainment industry can join Slated. Creating an account is free.

How do I add my credits to my profile?

We already have the credits for a lot of notable entertainment industry professionals, so most people who join Slated won’t have to go through the cumbersome task of adding all of their credits manually.

When you join Slated, you may be asked to match yourself to an existing profile, which means that we will go ahead and import your credits into your profile for you.

Either way, once you’ve created your profile you’ll be able to edit and add credits yourself on the Work History tab of your profile page.

Who's in the Slated community?

Slated is a community of entertainment industry professionals that consists of:

‣ Producers, directors, and talent spanning the entire spectrum of experience from undiscovered up-and-comers to Academy Award winners.

‣ Accredited individual and institutional investors both new to, and experienced in, entertainment investing

‣ Sales agents, as well as distribution executives

…and just about all other service providers and participants in the industry.  In short, Slated is the entertainment industry.

Can I import my existing contacts?

Yes. To import your contacts, go to "Import Contacts" from the home page. Here you can connect to your email address books and social accounts. Once connected you can instantly see and track who you already know on Slated and invite those who are not currently members.

Will people be able to contact me through my profile?

Yes, other members of Slated will be able to use your profile as a way to contact you -- if they fit the criteria you set. You can limit the people who can contact you to include only those members whom you are tracking on Slated, only members who reach a certain score threshold, or no one at all. Of course, if you opt to use Interest/Opportunity Matchmaking your matches will also be able to contact you.
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