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Slated is the world's first truly virtual studio, designed by experienced industry pros to decentralize and streamline the independent film packaging and financing process.

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A comprehensive set of services

Our services are built to facilitate the packaging and financing of independent film, providing objective analysis and scoring for projects, sophisticated opportunity matching, and hands-on support to help projects get started and stay on track.

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What makes Slated unique?

No other platform in the industry does what Slated does. Sure, there are script submission services, coverage services, talent & crew finders, and of course, the traditional agencies and studios, but Slated is the only platform that offers all of these things in one place. We provide a vertically-integrated set of services running on a cutting-edge technology platform with sophisticated machine-learning and analytics, built from the ground up to help get independent films packaged, financed and released. And to top it off, we have a highly experienced Executive Producer team that partners with filmmakers to guide their projects to completion. All of these things together make Slated the world's first truly virtual studio and the leading independent film platform for a new Hollywood.

Market-Leading Predictive Analytics

Our predictive Analysis is the most comprehensive in the industry. At the foundation is our signature 3-reader Script Analysis that provides 18+ hours of dedicated time and 10+ pages of notes from highly experienced processional human readers as well as an aggregate Script Score. It's also the only coverage proven to predict quality and results in advance. Alongside that is a machine-learning based Financial Analysis system that uses real-world results from more than 10,000 released films to objectively measure the financial viability of projects on the platform, and provides the detailed information investors need to make decisions with confidence. This part of the Slated platform is far beyond anything else in the industry and it is one of the main things that has allowed us to create a trusted marketplace.

An Extensive Professional Network

The Slated community is more than 75,000 strong with over 4,000 investors, sales agents & distribution executives, alongside thousands of writers, actors, editors and other key crew. And our community includes people who are just getting started in the industry as well as Academy Award winners. When we talk about the "new Hollywood", this is what we mean. It's a merit-based, technology-enabled, global system with transparency, respect for the art and professionalism as core values, all designed to bring projects from the page to the screen with as little friction as possible.

Sophisticated Opportunity Matching

We have the most sophisticated Opportunity Matching system in the industry. Designed to enable productive introductions between interested parties, the system allows every individual to set detailed matching criteria including filters based on the objective scores created by our analytics. This score-based matching is a critical feature of our marketplace and allows people to meet and conduct business without the pretense that has been endemic to the entertainment industry for decades. We've also built a real-time on-platform messaging system so users can manage their communications easily in a secure, trusted environment. In short, all of this means that when you use Slated, you don't waste time on nonsense.

An Experienced EP Team

Our Executive Producer Team has more than 3 decades of experience and has secured financing and distribution to over 50 films, including recent releases starring Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Daisy Ridley, Marion Cotillard, and Billy Porter. The team helps qualified projects find production partners, secure talent, and access Slated’s community of financiers, sales agents, and distributors. In addition to partnering with individual projects, the EP Team also shares their expertise and insights with the Slated community via regularly scheduled Clubhouse sessions and one-off consultations. They're an independent filmmaker's best guide through the wilderness, and are committed to their success.

Global Reach

Slated has truly global reach. That may sound obvious since it's an internet-based service, but it's fundamentally different from the traditional entertainment industry that's still centered around Los Angeles and other major cities. We believe there are amazing filmmakers and stories across the planet, and our platform is the perfect vehicle for a continued global expansion of independent storytelling.


The Slated platform is infinitely scalable. This means that there is no upper limit on the volume of projects, people, investors and distributors we can handle. In fact, as the volume increases, both the system and the output gets MORE efficient since everyone can tune their matching to find exactly what they're looking for. And we're continually enhancing the platform features with design and technical improvements to make it even more effective for all parties. We're building a new Hollywood, and we hope you'll come with us on the journey.

We get movies made

Slated is the world's leading platform for packaging and financing independent films. We provide tools for filmmakers, talent, crew, and investors to connect and succeed.
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