EP Services

Our EP Team helps qualified projects find production partners, secure talent, and access Slated’s community of financiers, sales agents, and distributors. Let us add fuel to your fire.

VIP Support for Select, High-Scoring Projects

EP Services

To be considered for Slated’s EP Services, projects must have a Script and Financial Score of 75 or higher from Slated Analysis.
Get Analysis
6% of budget
+ 6% of net profits

Strategic Guidance

There are many steps to taking a film through development, prep, production, post, sale, and release. We advise on issues at each stage, including what your budget should be, how to assemble valuable cast, whether you need a CAM agreement, how to structure your finance plan, festival strategy, and which partners make sense at each stage.

Outbound Submissions

Our EP Team network reaches tens of thousands of industry professionals, investors, sales agents, and distributors worldwide. Depending on the needs of the project, we work to ensure top-scoring projects are exposed to the right producers, directors, and casting directors to package your film. We tailor each submission to the needs of the project, and follow up with calls and emails to potential backers from our internal, curated lists of established financiers.


Through our media relationships, newsletters, and social networks, Slated lets everyone in the industry know about each project we successfully service, providing that extra boost in visibility that can make the difference in a buyers’ market. Slated-produced films have received hundreds of press breaks, received 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and rave reviews from IndieWire, Deadline, Variety, Bloody Disgusting, and more.

Meet the Slated EP Team

Contact us directly or join our Clubhouse session every Tuesday @ 1PM PT to ask anything about film development, packaging, finance, sales, and how to get your project moving.


Head of Development


VP of Development


Head of Film Finance


Manager of EP Services

Deep Industry Expertise

Our team has more than 3 decades of industry experience. We have the connections, knowledge, and expertise to guide your project to success.

Script Development


Budget & Financing 

Casting & Talent

Investor Relationships

Sales & Distribution

Past Projects

We've delivered financing and distribution to over 50 films, including recent releases starring Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Daisy Ridley, Marion Cotillard, and Billy Porter.
More Successes


"Slated is an invaluable resource for filmmakers and investors. The EP Team works tirelessly to support strong independent film and has brought financing to several of my projects over the years."

Robert Rippberger

(The Inventor, Our Son)
"The Slated team was extremely helpful on SUMMONING SYLVIA. In no time at all, they brought us multiple offers from different distributors, and empowered us to choose the distributor we felt would be best for the film."

Cody Lassen

(Summoning Sylvia)
"Slated had a transformative impact on our film. Thanks to the EP Team's work introducing us to distributors, our vital story about American history and culture will be shared for the first time with film audiences around the world."

Ashbell McElveen

(James Hemings: Ghost in America's Kitchen)
"THE KILL ROOM is my second movie with Slated and once again, they delivered. Jay and his team secured a meaningful amount of the film's financing. I'm excited for audiences to see the film and look forward to making a third film with Slated."

Anne Clements

(The Kill Room, As They Made Us)
"As directors who've had our documentary work premiere at Cannes and Sundance, we wanted to be sure that our first narrative feature was landing in the right hands for sales and distribution. Luckily, we connected with Slated at just the right moment."

Josh & Rebecca Tickell

(On Sacred Ground)
"There is nothing out there like Slated. I submitted my project for Script Analysis and, when the script scored well, Slated's EP Team reached out and began providing strategic guidance as I put together the package. They ultimately introduced both financing and distribution to the film."

Mike Stern

"I've worked with Slated over the years on many projects that I have in development, and we’ve made two films together. They were extremely instrumental in getting the films made and raised a substantial amount of financing. They’ve just in general been great partners."

Fernando Loureiro

(Our Son, At First Light)
"Slated is an invaluable resource to indie filmmakers like myself. When one of our scripts scored well, Slated's EP team immediately engaged, and they have been supporting me as a filmmaker ever since, even introducing financing and distribution to our movie."

Ricky Fosheim

(Pure O)
"Slated's Executive Producer team has been amazing. They were passionate about BALLOON ANIMAL and their attention to detail was just exquisite. I absolutely would recommend Slated to any colleague of mine and I honestly cannot wait to work with them again."

Katherine Waddell

(Balloon Animal)

We Now Offer EP Consulting

Getting a film made requires patience and a careful strategy. Slated's Executive Producer Consulting Services gets you on the right track and keeps you moving forward. We'll be your partners as long as you need us.

Got a great script?

Projects with a 75+ Script & Financial score from Slated Analysis may be eligible for EP Services.
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Standard Plan


2 Strategy Sessions / month (60 minutes)
Expert guidance on packaging and financing
Setup and optimization of your project profile
Active monitoring of all on-platform correspondence
10% discount on Slated Analysis
Email support

Development Package


one-time materials charge*

+ $595

/month (3 month minimum)
Includes everything in the Standard Plan plus the following materials:
Schedule & Budget
Lookbook/Pitch Deck
*$4,150 value, you save $400 (10%)

Got a great script?

Projects with a 75+ Script & Financial score from Slated Analysis may be eligible for EP Services VIP.
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Frequently asked questions

How Do I Qualify for EP Services VIP?

Our EPs reserve the right to accept or decline any project for any reason. However, here are a few of key things we consider:

Team Score — There’s no minimum Team Score necessary to qualify, but your team’s track record definitely matters. Our investor, sales, and distributor community particularly looks for projects with name actors (scoring 70+), established producers (scoring 30+), and successful directors (scoring 30+).

Script or Screening Score — Your script or screener must score at least 75 to be considered as it significantly increases the likelihood of your project being “Certified Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes.

Financial Score — Your project should score at least 75, which gives investors a higher probability of seeing a positive return.

Budget — We need to know your budget has been prepared by a professional, and that it’s appropriate for the scope of your movie. Budgets that are too high or low given the team or genre are red flags for sophisticated investors.

Financing Momentum — While not required, nothing builds confidence more than showing traction with your existing investor network.

Good Deal Terms — Favorable deal terms can help get investors on board, especially if some financing is already in place.

Marketability — Projects with clear target audiences and strong “hooks” (e.g. the cast, or the concept, or the filmmakers, or all three) are the holy grail for investors and distributors alike.

Marketing Material — An enticing poster, pitch deck and compelling video on your film profile are valuable tools no matter what stage your project is in.

Filmmaker Engagement — The best person to pitch your project is always you, so we look for filmmakers who see working with Slated as a long term partnership.

How do I apply for EP Services VIP?

If your project is a early stage, you may be a fit for our EP Consulting service. If you'd like to be considered for VIP, simply get analysis and, if your project earns a Script Score of 75 or higher, our team will reach out to you to discuss further. You can also bring your 75+ scoring film to our attention by contacting us.

Is EP Services VIP non-exclusive?

Yes. Filmmakers are encouraged to continue working with their producing team, agents, and traditional support network. Working with Slated does not preclude support from or collaboration with other entertainment companies.

What happens if my script doesn't score 75+?

All Script Analysis is draft-based, and Script Scores can increase when new drafts are submitted. Filmmakers always have the choice which analyses/Script Scores to share and which to hide. So, if a Script Score on your new draft is higher than your earlier draft, you can hide your older Script Score and only share the comments/scores associated with your preferred Script Analysis.
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