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Our advanced opportunity matching system connects the right people to the right projects and helps suggest attachments based on experience and interests.

Slated helps teams come together

Our opportunity matching system is designed to connect filmmakers, talent & crew and investors with the projects that match their interests and preferences. It's the most advanced and effective system of its kind in the industry.

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How Opportunity Matching Works

Our system is designed to connect filmmakers with the right people for their projects based on matching interests.
For Filmmakers

Build Your Team, Match With Investors

As a filmmaker, you start by creating opportunities for the key roles you need to fill and your financing needs.


Create a new project

Creating a new project is free and takes less than 2 minutes. All you need is a working title, a logline and a genre. All new projects are private by default, but you can add additional admins if you're working with a team.


Create opportunities

Once you've created a project, we recommend that you create opportunities for the key roles that you need to fill. If you have an idea of your budget, you can create investment opportunities at this time as well. All opportunities will be private until you activate your project.


Activate your project

Once you're ready to start matching with talent, crew and investors, the next step is to activate your project. This allows your project to be visible in the marketplace so you can start making connections.
Marketplace Fees Agreement
Marketplace Access Subscription ($29.99 / Month)
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Match & message with talent, crew & investors

This is where the magic happens. Now that your project is active, you can enable your opportunities, start browsing matches and sending introductions. You'll also start receiving inbound interest from your matches in your project inbox.
For Individuals

Find Projects That Match Your Interests

As an individual, you start by creating interests for the types of roles or investments you're looking for.


Create an account

Creating a new account is free and takes less than 30 seconds. Since Slated is a professional network, we ask that you use your real name. You'll need to confirm your email address in order to activate your account.


Add your credits

Your credits are used to calculate your personal Slated score, which is a key component of our Opportunity Matching system. During the onboarding process, we'll attempt to automatically populate your credits, and you can add other projects manually.


Create your interests

Once you're ready to start matching with projects, the next step is to create and activate your interests. This allows your profile to be visible in our Opportunity Matching system so you can start making connections with projects.


Match & message with projects

Now that your interests are active you can start browsing matches and sending interest to projects. You'll also start receiving inbound interest from projects that are interested in you.
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"Excellent way to tap into projects in development and connect with potential crew."

Fleur Whitlock

Art Director
"It’s the best platform for packaging up projects with talent and investors, backed by next-generation analysis."

John C. Hall

(Former EVP at Universal Pictures)
"A producer and production company discovered my drama this week here on Slated.com and I’m so excited."

Shaune Bordere


Frequently asked questions

How does Slated calculate my personal score?

When you join Slated, we’ll create a detailed profile for you with your professional interests and work history. Slated Analytics will automatically generate your free Member Score, which enables the platform to match you with the right projects, talent, financing, and distribution opportunities.

Where can I find my matches?

Select the “Matches for you” or “Matches for your projects” options in the site header anytime to quickly access a collection of all matches for your interests and opportunities. Or, sit back and wait for the email digest to come to you.

How does Slated create my Interests?

We use the Professions that you have listed on your profile to create interests.  You can decide which interests you want to activate and specify matching criteria for each one.

What do I do when I find a match that I like?

Select the “Send Interest” button for any of your matches to message them privately. Everyone has complete control over whose messages to accept or confidentially ignore.

We get movies made

Slated is the world's leading platform for packaging and financing independent films. We provide tools for filmmakers, talent, crew, and investors to connect and succeed.
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