For Investors

Our platform is designed to bring vetted deal flow directly to accredited investors based on individual preferences. It's the only platform of its kind in the entertainment industry.
"As investors we’re constantly searching for projects that stand out of a crowded market. Slated made it easier than ever before to find a winning project."

Justin Begnaud

Executive Producer & Investor
(Super Troopers 2, Chef)
"Slated provides one of the most valuable resources in the independent film space today. I've worked with them for several years, and I'm delighted with their EP Team's level of attention, care and diligence. Our shared movies have gone on to debut at major festivals, win awards, and secure distribution. I look forward to continuing my work with Slated to get more outstanding movies made."

Jeremy Walton

Producer & Investor
(The Inventor, Mid-Century)

Becoming An Investor

Becoming an Investor on Slated requires approval. Once you've created your free Slated profile, we'll ask you to provide Accredited Investor qualifications, which will then be reviewed by our team. Once you've been approved as an investor, you can start using our Opportunity Matching system to find projects that match your criteria.


Create an account

Creating a new account is free and takes less than 30 seconds. Since Slated is a professional network, we ask that you use your real name. You'll need to confirm your email address in order to activate your account.


Apply for investor status

During the profile creation process, enter "Investor" in your profession tags (or add that tag to your profile later). At that point, you'll be prompted to verify your accreditation status. We use the standard SEC definition of "Accredited Investor", which you can find here. Please note that Slated utilizes a business to business model.
Accredited Investor Qualifications
Slated Approval


Activate your Investor interest (once approved)

Once you've been approved and granted investor status on Slated, you can create and activate your Investor interest on your profile, including your own specific investment and qualitative matching criteria. You can activate and deactivate your Investor interest at any time.


Match & message with projects

Once your Investor interest is active, you can start browsing matches and sending interest to projects. You'll also start receiving inbound interest from projects that are interested in you.

Opportunity Matching

Our advanced opportunity matching system connects the right people to the right projects and helps make attachments based on experience and interests.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I'm qualified?

As mentioned above, we use the standard SEC definition of "Accredited Investor", which you can find here. Please note that Slated utilizes a business to business model. Once our team has reviewed your application, we will contact you to confirm your application details.

How do I apply for investor status after I've created my profile?

If you didn't apply for investor status when you initially joined Slated, you can still fill out an investor application. From your profile page, click on EDIT PROFILE, scroll down to the "I'm an investor (apply for investor status)" switch and toggle it on to see the application.

Will I be inundated with filmmakers contacting me with proposals?

No. You have control over who can contact you, and your contact information is kept private. This is very important to us. Use your Profile contact settings and Investor interest criteria to set up the contact and opportunity matching rules you prefer.

When you receive a message, you can decide to accept or ignore it. The sender will not be able to send you another message until you accept the thread. You can also block a sender.  In addition, we enforce introduction and tracking limits to ensure people cannot flood the system with an excessive amount of unsolicited messages.

What deal terms are offered by filmmakers?

Deal terms will vary. All negotiations and discussion of deal terms take place directly between you and the filmmakers. Reminder: use your best judgment. There are a wealth of projects to choose from, and many different levels of investment.

As always, there are no guarantees of success. Slated has brought together a vast community of talented filmmakers, and a huge stock of exciting projects. Please choose wisely, invest wisely, and manage your expectations, particularly in regards to timelines.

How do I communicate with a filmmaker?

Slated provides a sophisticated messaging system that is tightly integrated with our Opportunity Matching service. Using Slated messaging will allow you to accept only the introductions you want, see project and profile information for those contacting you, and keep a history of all on-platform communications.

You'll see notifications for new messages on the platform in the header, and you'll also receive an notification by email (enabled by default, disable in Settings if you want), which you can respond to directly.
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