Partner Services

Slated's new suite of partner services offers targeted, affordable guidance and solutions from experienced pros.

Executive Producer Consultation

Want guidance on how to get your movie made? Slated's Executive Producer Team has packaged, financed, and sold over 60 movies including THE KILL ROOM (Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman), OUR SON (Billy Porter, Luke Evans), THE INVENTOR (Marion Cotillard, Stephen Fry), and AS THEY MADE US (Dustin Hoffman, Candice Bergen). 


Chelsea, Mitchell or Greg provide a 45 minute consultation to answer your questions and help strategize moving your project forward. If you have Script Analysis, we'll review the analysis prior to the call. We'll also read the first 10 pages of your script prior to speaking with you.
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Financing Support

Jeremy Walton

(The Inventor, Mid-Century)
Jeremy will review your financing materials and walk you through what you'll need to have in order to submit your film to investors.
Jeremy Walton is an experienced venture capital investor and film financier. Jeremy is a partner in Moo Studios, with a focus on financing and producing independent feature films. Jeremy has financed or co-financed 10 completed features to date including THE INVENTOR (Daisy Ridley, Marion Cotillard), THE DIRTY SOUTH (Dermot Mulroney, Willa Holland), MID-CENTURY (Bruce Dern, Shane Long), HABIT (Bella Thorne). Jeremy also offers executive producer services to selected producing partners, for whom he can source, provide and/or syndicate a variety of production financing solutions.


Jeremy provides a 60-minute Zoom consultation to strategize your film's finance plan and get you ready for investor exposure. He'll listen to a 7-10 minute overview of your project and then offer business advice on what you'll need to prepare for submitting your film to investors. This includes feedback on your budget, sales estimates, waterfall, tax incentive, and other forms of financing you'll need to get your film made. Ask any questions you like about how it works and Jeremy will help you form a game plan. This does not include a script read.
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Producing Support

Fernando Louriero

(Frances Ha, The Little Hours, I Think We're Alone Now)
Fernando can advise on development, assembling financing, packaging, approaching talent, production logistics, and sales/distribution.
Fernando Loureiro is a Los Angeles-based development and production executive who specializes in structuring the creative and financing of film projects for international entertainment companies with focus on the U.S. and European markets. Fernando has developed, produced and raised financing for over a dozen movies through his company. Exhibit, including I THINK WE’RE ALONE NOW (Peter Dinklage, Elle Fanning) and THE LITTLE HOURS (Aubrey Plaza, John C. Hall, Dave Franco), both of which premiered at Sundance. Fernando also produced Noah Baumbach’s FRANCES HA (Greta Gerwig, Adam Driver). He also has extensive experience with premiering films at international film festivals, such as Sundance, TIFF, Telluride, Tribeca, SXSW, among others. Fernando is a member of the PGA (Producers Guild of America).


Fernando provides a 30-minute phone consultation to answer your questions and help strategize moving your project forward. If you have Script Analysis, he will review the analysis prior to the call. This does not include a script read.


Fernando provides a 60-minute phone consultation to answer your questions and help strategize moving your project forward. If you have Script Analysis, he will review the analysis prior to the call. If you have a feature script, he may read up to 10 pages prior to the call to better understand the project. This does not include a full script read. Availability is limited.


Fernando provides a 60-minute phone consultation to answer your questions and help strategize moving your project forward. Fernando will read your script (up to 120 pages) prior to the call. He will provide his development thoughts on the script, answer your questions, and advise on strategy to move the project forward. Availability is limited.
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Alison Friedman

(The Mortuary Collection, The Fix)
Allison can advise on development, packaging, approaching talent, and production.
Allison Friedman grew up in Las Vegas and attended The University of Pennsylvania before getting her MFA through the Stark Producing Program at USC. She is now a producer with a diverse slate of film and television projects. THE MORTUARY COLLECTION, a dark fantasy/horror film, was one of the top performing films on Shudder the week of its release with a 95% Rotten Tomatoes rating. Her upcoming sci-fi-action film, THE FIX, stars Grace Van Dien. She also produced “Sunspring” and “It’s No Game", short films written entirely by artificial intelligence that star Thomas Middleditch and David Hasselhoff. Prior to launching her own venture, Allison worked in development at MGM, Genre Films, Simon Kinberg's company and served as an executive at Color Force, where she worked on both film and television on projects like CRAZY RICH ASIANS and the American Crime Story series for FX.


Allison provides a 30-minute phone consultation to answer your general questions about producing and strategy for your film. This does not include a script read. Availability is limited.


Allison provides a 60-minute phone consultation PLUS a script read. She will read your script and provide notes, answer questions, and help you strategize moving forward on your project. Availability is limited.
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Casting Support

Pat McCorkle

(The Thomas Crown Affair, Chappelle's Show)
Pat can advise on how to think about casting, what factors to consider when reaching out to actors and agents, and how the script and budget should factor into your talent strategy.
Patricia McCorkle (CSA) has cast over 55 Broadway productions, 50 feature films, and 40 television shows. She has earned a reputation for high energy, creativity, and a keen ability to translate a director's vision into reality. Having cast everything from Hollywood mega-productions to small regional theaters, she has developed a name for bold and unexpected ideas through discovering new talent and attracting established superstars. A few highlights of McCorkle's track record include an Emmy nomination for "Californication", Linda Hunt's Oscar-winning role in The Year of Living Dangerously; the pool of undiscovered young actors - Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Brendan Fraser, and Chris O'Donnell - selected for Stanley Jaffe's School Ties; and a long list of people who were "tagged" by McCorkle early in their careers, including Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Skeet Ulrich, and Calista Flockhart. Her past film projects range from THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR to BARBERSHOP. Her past television projects range from SESAME STREET to CHAPPELLE’S SHOW.


Pat provides a 60-minute consult over Zoom. She will read your script prior to the call so that she can advise on casting ideas as well as how to think about your talent strategy, including approaching agents, and how your budget and director influence casting.
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Jordan Bass

(Wind River, Annabelle)
Jordan can advise on how to think about casting, what factors to consider when reaching out to actors and agents, and how the script and budget should factor into your talent strategy.
Jordan is a co-founder and partner in bass/casting, a bi-coastal casting company specializing in curating strong unique ensemble casts for film, television, theater & new media projects. With over 2 decades of experience in the industry, feature films include Taylor Sheridan's WIND RIVER starring Jeremy Renner & Elizabeth Olsen, Richard Tanne's CHEMICAL HEARTS starring Lili Reinhart & Austin Abrams (Amazon), IZZY GETS THE F&^% ACROSS TOWN starring Mackenzie Davis, Carrie Coon, LaKeith Stanfield & Alia Shawkat, New Line's The Conjuring prequel, ANNABELLE, James Franco's PRETENDERS, Blumhouse's MARTYRS, HBO/Project Greenlight's THE LEISURE CLASS produced by Effie Brown and directed by Jason Mann, Joachim Trier's LOUDER THAN BOMBS (LA casting), THE LAST EXORCISM produced by Eli Roth, and Blayne Weaver's Slamdance hit WEATHER GIRL starring Tricia O'Kelley & Patrick J. Adams. Television credits include SPARTACUS: BLOOD & SAND (Starz), DANCE ON SUNSET and BIG TIME RUSH (Nickelodeon), SUIT UP (Fox), Ed Burns' PUBLIC MORALS (TNT/LA casting), SVETLANA (HDNet) and the Lifetime feature HOUSE OF VERSACE. Streaming series include YouTube's HYERLINKED, CW's BEERFEST, Go90s 5th QUARTER, Vin Diesel's THE ROPES, and Vuguru's THE TEMP AGENCY.


Jordan provides a 60-minute consult over Zoom. He will read your script prior to the call so that he can advise on casting ideas as well as how to think about your talent strategy, including approaching agents, and how your budget and director influence casting.
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Screenwriting Support

Erik Bork

(Band of Brothers, From the Earth to the Moon)
Erik provides screenwriting coaching and script consulting. He has helped dozens of screenwriters increase their Script Scores over the past several years.
Erik Bork is a screenwriter best known for his work on the HBO miniseries BAND OF BROTHERS and FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON, for which he wrote multiple episodes and won two Emmy and two Golden Globe Awards as part of the producing team. Erik has also sold series pitches (and written pilots) at NBC and FOX, worked on the writing staff for two primetime dramas, and written feature screenplays on assignment for companies like Universal, HBO, TNT, and Playtone. He teaches screenwriting for UCLA Extension, National University and The Writers Store, and offers one-on-one consulting to writers. His multi-category Amazon best-selling book THE IDEA: The Seven Elements of a Viable Story for Screen, Stage, or Fiction was released in 2018.


Erik will read your Script Analysis and spend an hour with you on the phone, talking through your screenplay and helping you find story solutions. If you don’t have Script Analysis, Erik will instead read the first 15 pages of script plus a 4-page synopsis.


Erik will read your script and provide 4 pages of notes, plus an hour-long phone call. BONUS: If you have Script Analysis, Erik will read your Analysis prior to the call. (This only applies to Slated’s or Spec Scout’s Script Analysis, not other notes services.)

 *For scripts over 120 pages, a surcharge will be assessed.
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Rio Hernandez

(Unbreakable, Laggies)
Rio provides development support and script consulting. As a former agent and executive, she has hands-on experience developing dozens of movies you've seen.
Rio Hernandez got her start working on independent films in NYC. She later worked as a story editor for legendary producer Lynda Obst and as a creative executive for Oscar-nominated producer Barry Mendel. She then went to United Talent Agency, where she worked as a literary agent for five years. As an agent and development executive, Rio was instrumental in the development of studio hits like THE SIXTH SENSE, UNBREAKABLE, and HOPE FLOATS as well as indie breakouts like LAGGIES, which she developed with the writer from page one. She has a Master of Professional Writing from USC where she studied screenwriting with Syd Field. Rio also has extensive experience as a story analyst working for companies like Scott Free, Anonymous Content, and Dreamworks, and as a freelance script consultant, editor, and story analyst for companies like Miramax, Starz Television, Alcon Entertainment, and Vertical Entertainment.


In this package, Rio begins with a half-hour call to get a sense of your project. With that context, she will then read your script. Next, she'll schedule another half-hour call to speak with you about your goals given the draft she's read. Finally, she writes up 4 pages of notes tailored specifically to helping you accomplish your narrative goals.

*For scripts over 120 pages, a surcharge will be assessed.
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Documentary Support

Kris Rodemann

(English Academy, GABO: The Creation of Gabriel García Márquez)
Kris can help with documentaries at any stage, whether helping you hone your concept, strategize logistics and access, finding a perspective that stands out, choosing the right visual approach, chiseling your structure, and navigating the complex world of resources for doc filmmakers.
After completing an MA in Journalism from Columbia University's program in Barcelona, Kris Rodemann worked with Barcelona-based newspaper El Periódico as a junior reporter and videojournalist, while freelancing as a producer and videographer on reportage projects for NatGeo, BBC, LightBox (Simon Chinn), and NATO TV. Shortly thereafter, she went to work for British documentarian Justin Webster (DEATH IN LEÓN (HBO, 2019), SIX DREAMS (Amazon, 2018)), and assisted on character-driven projects such as the true-crime feature I WILL BE MURDERED (BBC Storyville, 2013), and TV docs LIFE FROM OTHERS (2012), and HOMAGE TO SCOTLAND (2014).

As a non-fiction filmmaker, Kris developed and produced the pilot of SOAPBOX MEXICO (2013), an original docu-series, to Al Jazeera English, later working as a producer and assistant editor on the 7-part series. She also produced and edited the archive footage, which represents half of the feature-length doc, for GABO: THE CREATION OF GABRIEL GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ (Discovery, Caracol, Arte, 2015), produced the doc short NEW POOR (2012) for the BBC, and directed her own documentary feature about Spain's fraught relationship with English learning, called ENGLISH ACADEMY.

During her time with Justin Webster, she also supervised Docubeat, a project for The Guardian that involved finding and tracing quality documentaries that fit into the news cycle and pitching 5-10 minute extracts to the newspaper, coordinating between filmmakers, the Docubeat team, and The Guardian (and their legal team).

While in LA, she has worked in development at Bona Fide Productions (Ron Yerxa, Albert Berger). Kris earned her BA in History and Plan II Honors from the University of Texas, Austin and a Directing MFA from Chapman's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.


Kris will review any materials you have (does not include a review of your rough cut) and hop on the phone for a one-hour consultation to provide insight and answer your questions.


Kris will review any materials you have, including a rough cut or assembly if you have one, and hop on the phone for a one-hour consultation to provide insight and answer your questions.
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Marketing Materials


Whether you’re a first-time director or a seasoned pro, having a pitch deck that conveys the look and feel of your film is often the difference between an investor considering your submission or not. Having worked on hundreds of films at the development and packaging stage, Slated can advise you on the layout for an effective lookbook and match you with a graphic designer who has experience working with filmmakers to create pitch materials.


This lookbook package includes a 10-slide lookbook with 1 rough draft and 1-2 revisions, depending on the designer. You’ll also receive Slated’s guide for creating an effective lookbook so you’ll be ready with the right copy/text by the time the designer begins their work. Once you’re matched with a designer, you’ll receive examples of their work plus a short questionnaire to provide them with information about your creative goals and intended tone. Delivery times range from 2-4 weeks depending on the designer's schedule and the promptness of the filmmaker's response to deliveries. (Additional fees may apply if you request additional design work for the cover page or other slides that is beyond the scope of this package.) The final delivery will include a PDF, the raw images, and an editable copy of the lookbook so you can make future changes on your own.
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Project pages with well designed posters tend to get double the attention on Slated as project pages without posters, or with text-only posters. Even if your project is still at the script stage, a poster helps to visually convey the concept and genre of your film to potential collaborators and investors.


Once your order is scheduled, Slated will ask for your title, genre, logline, and other plot details, as well as 2-3 posters for existing films you like. We’ll provide that to our designers who will then generate a sleek movie poster for your Slated project page and for use off-platform as well. Depending on the designer, they may do one light round of revisions for the $195 price. Beyond that, each round of revisions is $50.
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Robin Rose Singer

(Generation Wealth, You Can't Win)
Robin Rose Singer is an award-winning producer of narrative film, documentary, and TV. Her projects have played major festivals like Tribeca, TIFF, NBC/Universal and have received global distribution. Singer has worked as a freelance producer, line producer, and production manager for seven years supporting acclaimed filmmakers like Lauren Greenfield (Generation Wealth, SXSW/Berlinale/Sundance) and Robinson Devor (You Can’t Win starring Michael Pitt), as well as scripted TV series Danny’s House for Viceland and indie features like rapper Princess Nokia’s acting debut, Angelfish. She created the original comedy series, Maturity, and served as its co-EP, winning two Telly awards. She has produced hundreds of commercials for global brands and is the founder of Black 26 Pictures which has serviced production in dozens of states and countries. Singer created NYU’s producing certificate course “Budgeting, Packaging and Financing for Film and TV.” She works as a development consultant, supporting filmmakers as they prep their projects for financing and production.


Robin will read your script in full (limit 130 pages) and schedule a 45-minute call with you. On that call, she'll discuss your production goals to get a sense of your target budget, the number of days you're aiming to shoot, any VFX requirements, and the project's location needs. After the call, Robin will start working on a full breakdown of your script. About 7-10 days later, she'll deliver you a full budget breakdown and schedule.
This package includes:
‣ Full Script Read (limit 130 pages)
‣ 45-minute Phone Call so she can understand your production needs.
‣ Full Line Item Budget of your film that you can share with investors.
‣ Full Schedule so you know how many days you'll need to shoot.
‣ Day out of Days for cast, cars, and stunt crew and...
‣ Raw Files - As a bonus for Slated members, she'll also share all of the raw files used for these production documents so you can continue adjusting them on your own as the project's financing evolves.
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Festival Support

Brenden Hubbard

(Curfew, Cul-De-Sac)
Brenden Hubbard aka BEAR, is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and producer. He has managed productions and festival runs for various films since 2012, including CURFEW (2013 Academy Award) and the subsequent feature, BEFORE I DISAPPEAR (IFC Films). He has since been involved with over 80 other short and feature films including the winner of the 2015 Jury Award: International Fiction at the Sundance Film Festival, OH LUCY!, CUL-DE-SAC (official selection at Toronto International Film Festival), and most recently the Icelandic film EVERYTHING IN THE END. Hubbard studied audio engineering at Temple University and has toured internationally with bands including Stellastarr*, Father John Misty and Dr. Dog.


Brenden will review any marketing materials you have (poster, logline, synopsis) and hop on a 45-minute call to answer questions and provide strategic feedback. This package does not include Brenden watching the film or handing off any festival lists or contact info.


Brenden will watch your movie, review and marketing materials you have, and do a 45-minute introductory call to get a sense of your festival goals for the project and provide strategic advice. Based on that call, Brenden will compile a list of 60-90 film festivals that may be a good fit for your film. He'll provide strategic advice on how to target the festivals and how to divide them into tiers so you're prioritizing festival premieres that will help your film the most. He'll then hand over your custom festival target list that includes dates and contact information, along with some best practice suggestions for how to approach them and make submissions.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Partner Services and EP Services?

Slated’s Partner Services provide filmmakers with access to Slated-vetted specialists who can help filmmakers strengthen their projects and assemble the materials they’ll need to be successful on and off the Slated marketplace.

Slated Partners charge a fee for their expertise and services they provide (e.g. phone consultation, casting advice, posters, look books, etc.) that will be agreed upon prior to rendering the service.

For Slated’s Executive Producer Services, there is no upfront fee. Slated’s EP Services are offered to select projects at the EP Team’s sole discretion, with a focus on high Script and/or Team Scores. If Slated’s EP Team joins your project, they will advise on development, packaging, sales, financing, and distribution in order to help you get your movie made.

Slated Partners may make referrals to the EP Team when they meet filmmakers who are professional, exceptionally talented, and delightful to work with. There is no guarantee that working with Slated Partners will increase the odds of qualifying for EP Services. Whether a project ultimately works with Slated’s EP Team or or not, we’ve observed that seeking professional guidance and assembling strong submission materials increases the odds of films getting made.

What are the Slated Partner Services fees?

Slated’s Partners offer different packages of services with different price points ranging from $195 to $2,400. Please see the service descriptions for individual Partner pricing above.

How does Slated vet the Partners?

The Slated Partners above are film professionals with whom Slated’s EP Team has worked in the past, and who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and effectiveness in their role. As we expand the Partner team, we will consider new partners who have good experience, strong reputations, and come highly recommended by Partners with whom Slated has worked in the past.

How does someone apply to become a Slated Partner?

If you’re interested in becoming a Slated Partner, please contact us so that we can get to you know you better. At this time, we are considering new Partners at a measured and deliberate pace. Accordingly, we may not be able to respond to the majority of applications we receive, or we may respond only when the need to expand your area of expertise arises.
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