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"Thanks to Slated’s Screening Analysis, we discovered DOMINO: BATTLE OF THE BONES, acquired it and gave it a targeted theatrical release. We couldn’t be more thrilled."

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How Screening Analysis works

Slated's Screening Analysis for narratives and documentaries is a first-of-its-kind, secure, convenient, and cost-effective virtual test screening that gives filmmakers early insight into how their film could fare with festivals, sales companies, distributors, audiences, and even critics, which you can get before the film is ever exposed.

In addition to providing a synopsis and three unique loglines, each reviewer independently evaluates your cut's effectiveness in the following Ten Categories: Premise, Originality, Character, Conflict, Dialogue, Structure, Pacing, Tone, Logic and Craft.

For documentaries, the reviewers will rate either the character-approach you've taken or the issue you've chosen to explore. Instead of reviewing Dialogue, they'll evaluate your Visual Approach. And instead of Logic, they'll review Credibility for documentary features.

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Projects with a 75+ Screening & Financial score may be eligible for Slated's EP Services VIP.
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Slated team members have won Emmys for producing, written TV shows for major streamers, and worked at nearly every major studio.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I submit a cut?

One of Slated's specialties is helping completed films find the best possible sales partners, festival debuts, and distributors around the world. For movies in post-production this is the absolute best time to get confidential feedback on your edit to make sure it will make a positive impression on festivals, sales companies, and buyers. Plus, our Analysis Scores strongly correlate with Rotten Tomatoes!

Can you give more detail about how your reviewers assess each script or screener?

In a nutshell, your Script or Screening Score indicates the quality of your project: The higher your score, the better. Three reviewers evaluate each script or screener thoroughly, then provide an Overall rating on the “Pass / Consider / Recommend” spectrum and assign numerical scores for ten individual attributes of the material. The scoring formula weights some categories more heavily than others. Each reviewer’s ratings are converted into a score on a scale of 1 to 100, which are then combined to determine the Script or Screening Score.

Read more about the ten individual attributes for Screening Analysis

Who will see my Script, Screening and/or Financial Analysis reports?

Your analysis reports are 100% confidential unless you choose to make them visible on your project profile page. Visibility settings for your project’s analysis are separate from your page’s overall settings, so you can choose to share with specific people, all Slated investors, or the entire Slated community.

Are there example analyses to review?

Yes! Please check out any of these 200+ sample analyses. For each project, be sure to select the Script tab to see the Script Analysis, and the Financial tab to see the Financial Analysis.

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