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Slated's Executive Producer team has delivered financing and distribution to over 50 independent films, including recent releases starring Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Daisy Ridley, Marion Cotillard, and Billy Porter.

What are people saying?

"Slated has really been a huge, huge part of this filmmaking process. They helped us find distributors. They helped us find financiers. Slated is a platform that I would highly recommend to friends and to fellow filmmakers."

Rob Rippberger

(The Inventor, Our Son)
"Slated has been amazingly supportive at every stage of our film's journey - from providing analysis, to introducing us to investors, to helping with our distribution strategy. Thanks to Slated, we had the financing needed to complete the film."

Andrew Vogel
Suzann Toni

(The Dirty South)
"I’ve worked with Slated over the years on many projects that I have in development, and we’ve made two films together. They were extremely instrumental in getting the films made and raised a substantial amount of financing. They’ve just in general been great partners."

Fernando Loureiro

(Our Son, At First Light)
"Slated's script analysis is, by far, the most comprehensive and professional coverage out there. Our clients are always thrilled with the thorough feedback."

Nikki Stier Justice

Distribution Executive
(Loving Vincent, To Dust, Extra Ordinary)
"Slated is an invaluable resource to indie filmmakers like myself. When one of our scripts scored well, Slated's EP team immediately engaged, and they have been supporting me as a filmmaker ever since, even introducing financing and distribution to our movie."

Ricky Fosheim

(Pure O)
"There is nothing out there like Slated. I submitted my project for Script Analysis and, when the script scored well, Slated's EP Team reached out and began providing strategic guidance as I put together the package. They ultimately introduced both financing and distribution to the film."

Mike Stern

"Slated gave me the resources and support necessary to make exactly the movie I wanted to make. They’re a filmmaker’s best friend."

Rob Siegel

(The Wrestler, Big Fan, Cruise)
"Slated is almost like being at a cocktail party with a bunch of investors, and, if they’re interested, they reach out to you."

Maria Zenovich

(Lance, Water & Power: A California Heist)
"As investors we’re constantly searching for projects that stand out of a crowded market. Slated made it easier than ever before to find a winning project."

Justin Begnaud

Executive Producer & Investor
(Super Troopers 2, Chef)
“Slated Shows How Film Financiers Can Beat the Market”
“Using advanced data analytics and packaging tools, it identifies the projects most likely to strike a chord with audiences and form connections with industry influencers who can make those projects a reality.”
“Helping Hollywood Players Hook Up”

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Slated is the connection platform for entertainment industry professionals. Create a free profile to start building your network!
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